What if success and happiness were right in front of you?

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Russell Conwell told a classic story about a man in California who in 1847 owned a ranch there. He’d heard that gold had been discovered in Southern California so he sold his ranch to a guy named Colonel Sutter and then started off to hunt for gold.

Now of course Colonel Sutter (incidentally a Swiss immigrant) put a mill on the stream on his farm and one day his little girl brought in a handful of shiny wet sand, and she put it up on the mantel to dry. And as the sand was falling through her fingers some visitors said “Hey look! There’s something sparkling in there!”

It was gold. As a matter of fact it was the first real gold that was discovered in California. So the man who sold the farm who wanted the gold had gone away never to return. And of course Colonel Sutter, goes down in history.

Every one of us dreams. We think about how life would be if we had more money, more time, more motivation. It’s human to want more and to want to feel better.

Most of us also believe that if we can dream it we can achieve it.

It’s not even restricted by privilege. Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos were orphans and achieved wealth beyond what most of us even care to dream of. Nelson Mandela changed the world from the inside of a prison cell. If we want something bad enough we can make it happen.

But more often than not we stop ourselves.

As humans we have the power not only to influence our environment, we have an incredible ability to adapt to practically any situation. And yet it’s almost always this same super power that stops us achieving our dreams.

If things are good, then we settle. Why change? We feel OK.

But do you want to feel OK or do you want to feel great? Because there’s a secret to getting anything and that’s WANTING it.

Truly understanding this, and then acting on it, is a game changer.

Having goals and being hungry for something is the key to achieving anything. We all know that too. But to get clear about your goals you need to feel them. You have to get a taste of what it’s like first. Otherwise most of our dreams stay just that: dreams.

The reason we don’t follow through on most of our dreams is simple. We associate more effort and pain with going after what we want than we do with actually having it. We either simply don’t want things badly enough because we can’t imagine them clearly or we feel like there’s too much effort involved. We either don’t follow through on things or we don’t even get started.

But there’s a simple trick I want to show you right now that will help you a LOT.

Stop what you’re doing for a moment, take a DEEP breath and think of something you are grateful for. Something simple. Like the feeling of the sun on your skin. Or the look of your child’s smile (that’s my goto by the way) Just hold a deep breath and hold your thought for just beyond what feels comfortable.

Relax. Noone is looking. Just do it.

Now exhale and think of something you really want and how you will feel when you have it. It can be something like being fit and strong or something like a new job. Something you want and think about a lot though.

Now, my bet is you feel a lot better and lot more positive than you did a few moments ago. The reason is the change in your physiology when you take the deep breath. Holding deep breaths gives your lungs the chance to take in as much as 6 times more oxygen than regular breathing. You cant help but get a surge energy from that.

This is a SUPER simple exercise but changing your physiology will change EVERYTHING. Once you FEEL better the physical energy and strength you get helps you with the emotional energy to start believing in something better, and the drive you need to act.

Can you see the potential just a slight improvement in your fitness would have on the rest of your life? Because it’s exponential.

Changing your physiology gives you a tonne more energy, better concentration and sharper focus. If you’re in pain because of an old injury or just after years of inactivity the results will be profound.

Make this one simple change and I guarantee you will feel better. It’s not even hard to do! You don’t need to join a gym or go on a fitness kick. You just need to get started.

I’ll even GIVE that to you.

If you feel like there’s something stopping you feeling your best physically then come in and see us for a free consultation. It doesn’t have to be an injury or anything serious either. Are you stressed? Then get in touch and book a free massage with us.

I’m 100% serious. TOTALLY FREE and totally without obligation.

If helping you get started is something we can do for you then that’s your gift to me. Just send an email to freemassage@physiofirst.ch I read that email address personally. Feel free to send this email to someone you know as well. The offer is 100% good for them too.

If you’re asking yourself how we can afford to offer so much it’s simple. We’ve seen the impact this has on people’s lives. And we want you to enjoy that too. It’s almost a little bit selfish but life gives to givers and takes from takers.

It’s also the number one thing I hear from our team when I ask what they love about their job. “It’s uplifting to see the change we give to people and to actually improve their quality of life”

Also, we can extend this offer to everyone because frankly most people wont take us up on it. And that’s the key to all of this. You need to WANT to change.

Getting into a better physical state will change your whole life.  I’ve seen incredible transformations in my own life and in my family over the past few years, as well as with literally thousands of patients we help at Physio First.

But you need to act.

If this is not for you, then think about someone who you want to see happy and feel free to forward this offer to them. Helping others feels great too!



Feel better. Move better. Live better.