This too shall pass

be calm be strong be happy

Remember… this too shall pass

Let’s be realistic.

This situation is horrible. I hate it. Almost everything we love about life is banned or discouraged right now.

But it will ultimately come to an end.

You more than likely will not get this virus and if you do, you more than likely will not die.

And the economy will ultimately recover. If we head into a recession (which is likely), we will ultimately recover from that too.

Many of us have lived through crises like this and worse. You are stronger than you think. You are probably stronger than you remember.

My words of advice today are this…

Acknowledge the fear. Fear is real. Fear is human.

I have been fearful these past few days. You would have to be a robot to not feel fear now.

But my advice to you know is acknowledge your fear. Spend some time alone to face it and think about it. Write it down if that works best for you.

Yesterday I sat down to write about what I was most afraid of. My personal worst-case scenario. My biggest fear is if something were to happen to one of my family. That’s a 10 for me.

I wrote about what made me angry about the situation too. I wrote for an hour at least. Then I went to bed.

Then I woke up and decided to “work, not worry” and to move my body. I got up early and went for a run. Then I did quite an intense CrossFit class. Then I had lunch with Åsa

After I hit send on this post I am gonna go for a quick walk around town. And then I will meditate and practice gratitude for a few minutes, and then maybe take a nap.

Maybe some of what I’m doing today you can do, too? If you feel afraid or angry I recommend it because I feel really good right now.

Be at peace with yourself and be at peace with the world right now. This sucks but it is not the end.

Look after your health. Look after your body. A healthy body means a healthy mind. That’s a fact.


Be kind to yourself, my friend. And let’s be kind to others. When the world gets scary, kindness makes it all easier.

When the world gets scary, remember this too shall pass.

A big hug and much strength sent your way today.


Feel better. Move better. Live better.