Lose 20kg before the end of Summer

If you’re looking for the best, fastest way to lose weight and get fit, like fitter and healthier than you’ve probably ever been, before the Summer is even over, then here it is.

This is easy, it’s fast and it’s healthy. You wont find a doctor or trainer anywhere to disagree with me.

Follow these three simple steps below and you will go through a transformation that will not only amaze you and the people around you, you’ll wonder why we don’t all just do it.

Here are the basics.

Step one: exercise

I love those ‘5 minute abs’ infomercials. Not because they’re so cheesy but because they’re awesome. The problem is, the products and techniques they’re selling are actually so shockingly effective that 99% of us distrust the advertisers claims and hence the ads are banned to the realms of late night TV. The truth is if you did even half the workouts in those DVD sets and combined that with a healthy diet you would get results far better than even the most outrageous claims. But people scoff at them because that’s easier.

You don’t need to work out like a professional athlete to get great results. Instead, ask yourself what percentage of your daily workout would 5 minutes be right now? If you decided to walk 30 minutes a day how much extra movement would that be for you over, say, the next month?

Start doing some floor exercises at home: squats, pushups, calf raises, whatever. Just start. If you’re doing nothing then any exercise at all is a proportionately huge increase and yest it does make a difference.

Get one of the hundreds of free apps available online and install it on your phone. Walk to the bus instead of driving. If you have a bike or any kind of home trainer sitting around then dust it off and start using it. If you don’t have one people are giving these away (unused) all the time.

Whatever you do just start moving more and do something every day. Any increase in activity at all over what you’re doing currently will get you feeling much stronger and give you more energy.

Step two: Cut carbs

Like, completely remove pasta, bread and any other starchy foods, any processed or sugary foods, and all alcohol from your diet. This will dramatically reduce your caloric intake and you’ll feel better within 48 hours. You’ll also notice a huge difference in your energy levels and an uptick in your cognitive ability. The short-term results will motivate you and help you believe this dieting stuff works and you can do it. At least for a few weeks.

Also, gluten – it’s a thing. I was plenty skeptical ten years or so ago when I first heard of gluten intolerance but a tiny bit of knowledge goes a long way. While we’re not all completely intolerant to it, guten is poison – like actual poison. It’s the part of grain that’s there to discourage animals from eating it (by making them sick.) Call it evolutionary defense, or just god’s twisted humor but gluten is toxic and our bodies hate it. Stop eating it and you’ll feel much better within a few days.

Step three: maintain a more alkaline diet

Replace as much as possible of whatever you’re eating now with more fruit and vegetables. Remove saturated fats from your diet entirely.

Actually, don’t eat anything with a label on it. That’s easier still.

If you’re trying to lose fat fast, this step alone will 10x your results, but it’s helpful to understand why. High acid levels in our diet are bad. Your body has to maintain a certain pH level to function properly. Too much acid in our system reduces oxygen and allows nasty organisms to grow. Your body will fight really hard to fix that.

It does this in a few ways but the one that’s interesting to you right now is how it uses fat. If you can’t manage excess acid levels through digestion you will store them in fat deposits so they can’t harm you. If you reduce the excess acid levels in your system (by eating foods with higher alkalinity) then your body will drop its excess fat deposits. Fast and without exercise.

Foods high in acid are things like meat, dairy, eggs, unrefined sugar and alcohol. Cut them out completely, and drink plenty of water and you’ll notice the effect of this in less than 24 hours.

If you must eat meat try to stick to chicken and fish, and help your body out by eating a big side of salad and greens instead of fries or pasta. Another great hack for “alkalizing“ your diet is putting lemon in your water.

Diet and exercise. Who would have thought?

That’s it. Eat a healthy diet, and get plenty of exercise and sleep, and you will be stunned by the results. I lost over 20kg in 8 weeks like this. I feel like I’m as healthy as I’ve ever been and the doctor friend of mine who gave me these tips probably saved my life.

But you won’t change anything by just reading

And you’re not gonna lose anything debating the minutiae of the Metabolic Balance and Paleo diets other than time. Google search the two strategies above and speak to your doctor, and you will have all the dieting information you need.

You don’t need a gym membership either. You can get an excellent full-body workout using nothing but your own body weight. If you don’t know how then call up our physio practice in Horgen and mention this post, and we’ll give you a totally free introduction to all of the exercises you need. Seriously, go ahead. I want this for you. Here’s a link you can use.

What do you have to lose?

Commit to just four weeks of the diet. Even without the exercise if you like. I guarantee you will be amazed by how much better you feel.

Give it a shot. Worst-case scenario: you spend a month without some foods you like. Best-case scenario: you discover a completely new way of life and start living healthier and better than you ever thought possible.